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a transcultural project
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1 transcultural project • 2 days • 3 nations • 4 schools • 7 topics • 10 teachers • 60 pupils • lots of perspectives and way more experiences

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In early June 2020 students from the USA, Spain and Germany are going to meet in Siegen and work on the topics languages, borders and identities. This project is made possible by the exchange programmes the Evangelisches Gymnasium Siegen (Evau) has with partner schools in the United States and Spain.

As preparation for the project, the teenagers are supposed to pick a topic and do some research in their personal environment. In Siegen they will then work together in trinational groups for two days, partly with instructors, partly on their own, discussing these topics from (different) perspectives. The results of their group work will be presented creatively in the form of a performance taking place at Evau on June 10th.

As far as possible topics are concerned, they range from connections between identity and language(s), the history of migration or personal migration and immigration stories, language policies in the different countries all the way to music and language or art concerning or crossing borders. One group of students will observe the projects as journalists, conduct interviews, chronicle the workshops in photos and videos and turn everything into a wiki to present to the public.

topics / groups

  • migration history and migration stories – Migrationsgeschichte(n)
  • language policies – Sprach(en)politik
  • language and identity/ies – Identität durch Sprache?
  • language(s) and music / music and language(s) – Musik und Sprache / Sprache und Musik
  • multilingualism in everyday life – Mehrsprachigkeit im Alltag
  • border art – Kunst an und über Grenzen
  • ... – Texttheater
  • ... – Tanz
  • ...


A group of pupils worked as journalists to document the impressions and results of the two project days in English, Spanish and German. They took photos, conducted interviews and ...

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partner schools

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Please contact Martin Wolter for further information. ✉️