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Lower Manhattan

New York City

In this unit you will learn about New York City. Go through this "learning path" to find out about facts, sights an other interesting things about New York City. Write your findings in your exercise book.

Facts about New York City

Find facts about New York City. Visit the following website for this.

Find out about the following aspects:

  • population
  • nicknames of New York
  • name of New York's five boroughs
  • original name of New York
  • When did New York become British?
  • When was New York the capital of the USA?

New York City sights

Find information about some of New York's sights. You must find information on the following sights.
  • the Statue of Liberty
  • the Empire State Building
  • Central Park
  • Times Square
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Fifth Avenue

You should find out about the following aspects:

  • What is it and what's special about it?
  • prices
  • opening hours

These websites will help you:

New York City fun facts

Visit the following website and write down five facts about New York that you find most interesting.

New York Pass

Visit the New York Pass website and find out how the pass helps you when visiting New York City.

Free research

If you still have time, you can do some free research now on things you would like to know about New York City.
Beachte 1
Write down you findings and please remember to use English websites only!