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In this learning path you will learn how to analyze a cartoon.

What are cartoons?

Take a look at the following wikipedia entry and write a definition for cartoons into your exercise book. Even though the article is in German, your definition should be in English!

How to analyze cartoons

Watch the youtube video and find out about how to analyze cartoons. You should take notes on the most important points you learn (structure, important phrases, other tips, ...). Your notes should be in English!

More useful phrases

Look up useful phrases for describing and analyzing a cartoon and write them into your exercise book. You can use the internet to do some research or the skills file in your books.

Analyzing cartoons


Now it's up to you to describe and analyze some cartoons. You should at least describe and analyze two cartoons. Write your results into your textbooks. You can choose between different options:

1 Describe cartoons from you textbook and workbook. You'll find cartoons on the following pages:

TB p.126, p.80, p.36 WB p.28, p.14

2 You can search the internet for cartoons on our topic environment and modern technology.